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-500 Cave Rescue Exercise

Exercise was successful. We were covering all 3 levels of nature. Under the ground we had »100« cave rescuers, one the ground we had »50« members of on-field support and … yes, we were also in the air! Take a time and listen to the interviews.

Report of Final cave rescue exercise

Radio interviews

Name Play Length

5:00 min

4:06 min

5:13 min

7:52 min

6:13 min

8:42 min

4:08 min

4:02 min

6:13 min

3:59 min

5:29 min

This is the list of radios, on which we had live broadcasting during the exercise and after it:


  • (SI) Radio Sraka @ 9:15
  • (SI) Radio Kranj @ 9:30
  • (SI) Radio Koper @ 9:40
  • (SI) Radio Celje @ 10:15
  • (HR) Otvoreni Radio @ 11:10
  • (HR) Radio Karlovac @ 11:40
  • (HR) Radio Rijeka @ 11:50
  • (SI) Štajerski Val @ 12:20
  • (SI) Radio Sora @ 12:30
  • (SI) Radio 1 @ 13:20
  • (SI) Radio Krka @ 13:30
  • (SI) Moj Radio @ 13:45
  • (SI) Radio Ognjišče @ 14:35
  • (SI) Koroški Radio @ 15:15
  • (SI) Radio Si @ 16:30
  • (SI) Radio 94 (Postojna) @ 16:40
  • (SI) Zeleni Val @ 16:50
  • (SI) Radio Velenje @ 17:30


  • (SI) Radio Ognjišče (final updates) @ 8:15
  • (SI) Radio Brezje @ 9:30
  • (HR) Radio Zadar @ 10:05

(SI) – Slovenian radio

(HR) – Croatian radio

News on internet

Radio Krka



RTV Slovenija


This is what comes out when one of the rescuers is a famous writer ...

Damijan Šinigoj

Photo Galeries

Adrijana Novak

Uroš Ilič

Matej Zalokar

Robert Rehar


More and more is comming ...


Exercise will be carried out as part of European Union project (EU Proteus), executed by the Cave Rescue Service (JRS) in partnership with Croatian Mountain Rescue Service (HGSS). This rescue exercise is the key activity in closing out EU Proteus project.

Rescue exercise will be carried out in a Big Ice cave in Paradana – Velika Ledena jama v Paradani (location: Mala Lazna, Lokve; Trnovo pri Gorici). It will be a difficult cave rescue drill in a technically complex cave; exercise will start at over 500 meters below ground level.

Location of the cave


Dou to limited internet access we didn't bother with "live-publishing". Sorry! Here is just short teaser of very successful exercise ...



A week before the exercise Paradana 2013, little less than 40 rescuers JRS carried out some preliminary work in and outside the cave. The initial work plan was to equip the cave with rescue maneuvers from the depth of 200 meters to the exit and realize the maneuvers of depth 200 m. Due to heavy rains overnight, the situation at a depth of about 150 m and dipper, were unfavorable for transport. So we carried out from a depth of 100 m. It turns out that if a few days before the exercise raining will not stop, the situation in the cave will significantly deteriorate conditions, which will require further emergency preparedness to work in the cold wet environment.
At the pre-exercise, we test radio communications in the field. Handheld radios hardly cover communication between headquarters and the base. The better option is the more powerful stations in the vehicles and "in-the-box" station from CZ, whith aditional antenna.
With the help of newly acquired equipment, has been tested video transfer directly from the cave to the base. We have succeeded with recording video in the cave at a depth of 100 m and a live transfer trought wire to the base. In terms of communications and data transmission from the cave is a great achievement! And in the future, this will help to improve a situation. In this way, for example, can be reviewed injure from the outside and delivering medical advice via video transmission. It is also possible to check the configuration caves and deciding on maneuvers - especially at some cave-blasting advice, etc...

Maks Merela

Invitation to the cave rescue exercise ˝Paradana 2013˝