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Task ID: C

Task Title: Basic rules for safe entering and working in caves


Standards will be established for personal caving equipment for safe entry and work in a cave in the form of a manual. Criteria and recommendations for visiting and exploring caves will be made and instructions for visiting the caves in Slovenia and Croatia having regard to applicable laws. Map of Slovenia and Croatia with marked territories of local caving clubs, contact details and applicable procedures in the case of caving accident will be designed. Leaflets will be made in English language. This will increase the level of security and underlined the aspect of tourism and protection of Slovenian and Croatian caves. Leaflets will contain: a summary of legislation, guidance, contact numbers and map.


Action C.1
Name of the action: Equipment standards for safe entry and work in the cave.


  • WHAT: Review and update existing standards for safe entry and work in the cave.
  • HOW: On the basis of existing norms and as the results of previous activities of the project modern standards for personal and common equipment to work safely in a cave will be made

Action C.2
Name of the action: Legislation in the area visiting caves


  • WHAT: Review of legislation on visiting caves and cavers independent operation
  • HOW: Based on the review of the Slovenia and Croatia legalization make a summary which will be an integral part of the information leaflet. Leaflet will be presented in the Congress of International Union of Speleology in 2013 and sent to all caving associations in Europe

Action C.3
Name of the action: Presentation of the study


  • WHAT: Presentation of findings and results of the study
  • HOW: In the form of presentations at the Congress of International Union of Speleology in 2013, through leaflets and web page