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Report of Action B.3 & B.4: Technical plan of a researched cave and cave rescue plan from the cave in Slovenia and Croatia

By the plan of EU Proteus project Slovenian and Croatian cave rescue teams visited two caves deeper than 500 meters. In Slovenia a cave named Velika ledena jama v Paradani (Big ice cave in Paradana) and in Croatia a cave Kita Gaćešina were chosen.

In this document there are reports of the visit and purposes of the visit are listed. Main goal was to make a precise technical plan of the caves which could be a very helpful tool in case if a rescue action from these caves. Velika ledena jama v Paradani was also chosen to be the cave for our final cave rescue exercise of this project. We had several caves in mind but since we would like this action to be well promoted by media, the most convenient cave is Ledena jama v Paradani. All other caves (especially in the Kanin massif) from are difficult of access so there would be a lot of logistic troubles. Some important activities regarding final exercise have already been performed. Due to Slovenian legislations we had to get a special permission from our Republic of Slovenia Ministry of Agriculture and Environment – Slovenian Environment Agency (permission in Annex 1). Since this is a special protected area by Nature 2000 we also have to get a concordance from commune Nova Gorica. We have also started to arrange all other necessary documentation for the exercise to be ready in time.