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Both the Slovenian Cave Rescue Service and Croatian Mountain Rescue Service will integrate the invaluable results of the EU Proteus project in their future operations. Some procedures and standards will be updated if necessary. Both groups will continue to disseminate new findings between them whenever possible. Several international events organised annually are ideal for this.

Even though the EU Proteus has finished, both project Partners have expressed their wish to continue their international cooperation. Both organisations have agreed to organize at least one joint rescue exercise each year, in order to educate and maintain the good working relations fostered by the EU Proteus project. During project collaborations with other non-profit organization involved in the Civil Protection mechanism have been fostered, which will be maintained by making future actions together.

We will continue updating the website with the new project publications. There are several project results that will be publish in national and/or international journals. In all publications the contribution of EU will be made visible. In addition, several publications will be translated in both partner languages. In addition, all manuals will be available in printed form and as a download from the project´s website.

Performing Cave Rescue Trainings every year we will progressively expand cave rescue techniques to other services involved in cave rescue, especially to counties in SE European. An additional idea is to develop a team of experts to train candidates to become cave rescue instructors and to train cave rescuers to become specialized in specific fields like blasting work in caves and cave diving rescue techniques. To implement all the outcomes of all the project tasks will be possible only with the help of newly acquired projects for which we will be competing in various calls that are enabling such development in the field of rescue.

Project Manager:
Maks Merela, PhD

Final Financial Statement & Final Technical Implementation Report EU-Proteus