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Task ID: I

Task Title: Final Cave rescue exercise (-500m)*


In case that Cave Rescue Unit (formed for the duration of a project) will not be summoned to emergently respond outside borders of home country (inside EU) there will undergo preparations and execution of large emergency responding drill in a difficult cave, deeper than 500 m. The members of Cave Rescue Unit will participate in preparation and they will also participate in execution of this exercise along with other trainees and certain cave rescue operatives from Slovenia and Croatia.


Action I.1
Name of the action: Paperwork preparation for Emergency responding exercise in a cave


  • WHAT: Preparation of documentation for executing the exercise
  • HOW: Based on data obtained from Cave cadastre and a plan of rescue prepared in advance, exercise management will estimate the number of cave rescue operatives and the volume of rescue equipment needed to successfully extract the stretchers with ‘assumed casualty’ from the depth of 500

Action I.2
Name of the action: Rigging the cave for exercise execution


  • WHAT: Cave is rigged with anchors and ropes for advancing
  • HOW:The number or rescuers and accessories needed for completing the rigging of cave with progression rope is accessed via cave blue-print and experiences of cavers who know the cave. Cave is to be rigged with both progression and rescue line of rope to the depth of -500 m where the extraction of assumed casualty in stretchers will begin. On target depth the bivouac is set up to establish basic livelihood conditions

Action I.3
Name of the action: Execution of cave rescue exercise


  • WHAT: The cave rescue exercise is executed.
  • HOW: The exercise is performed by members of Cave Rescue Unit with assistance of the rest of cave rescue operatives from services of Slovenia and Croatia. Execution will be realized only by support of prior activities (H.1. and H.2.).

Action I.4
Name of the action: Cave rescue exercise realization analysis and report


  • WHAT: A Final report of the exercise is prepared
  • HOW: The Head of exercise prepares a detailed report of the entire cave rescue task. A brief analysis is held in the presence of all rescuers that participated immediately after completion of all the exercise tasks. The entire exercise is assessed and reviewed by reviewers (cave rescue instructors form Slovenia and Croatia).